Monday, 29 November 2010

Finished Book Page

Here is Jeannett's finished page.
Isn't it amazing?

Book Pages

Jeannett's been learning many different techniques @ The Gallery
workshops on Tuesdays.
There are many different layers to this page.

Jenn, what can I say!

Well, what can I say,
Jenn's been Snow bathing again!!!!!!

It's Snowing!

Its snowing! and how pretty it all looks,
but it is causing caos as usual in the country.
Jenn and I just love the white stuff!

Embroidery Guild Talk

This Wednesday evening I gave a talk to my local Embroidery Guild,
in Kings Lynn.
I was asked to talk about my Quilts of Quilters Cottage.
I took over a hundred quilts and enjoyed telling the stories
behind them.
It was lovely as I am a member and the group had loads of questions and
were really lovely.
Thank you Barbara for taking photos.
I am not one for having photos of me but I hid behind
my wares 'quilts', a lot of the evening!
See some of my quilts on the portfolio pages on

Friday, 26 November 2010

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Christmas Quillow

I have been working away on many different variations
of Christmas Quillos as orders have been coming in.
This one I am selling at The Gallery at the moment.
I just love it. I think it is one of my favourites, using my
usual recipe of cutting the squares and triangles.
I have free motioned quilted all over it.
See more Christmas shortly on
and of course you can place an order there to
by emailing me.

Gallery Day November 2010

Gallery Tuesdays are working away and here Ann a new
member is working out her square sizes for a quillow.
The fabric is lovely sugar rainbow colours and she
brought them in Woolmart when she visited America.
See more of the workshops on

Jennifer has Chosen!!!

After the taking down of Alveva Quilters Show
I ended up taking several quilts home for people who
couldn't collect them and Pat"s, Star Quilt was among them.
Jennifer had admired it at the show and all of a
sudden said,
"Mum that's the quilt I would like!"
Well! I had promised her a new quilt but she had to choose
one that has so many points and meeting joins on purpose!
So I asked Pat all about it.
It was a month by month quilt from Quilters Haven,
10! years ago and Pat has taken 10 years to do it.
At the next meeting of Alvevas,
Pat gave me what she had of the patterns and some of
idea of what fabrics to use.
The rest as we say is up to me!!!
We have agreed it should be for her 21st!!
Gilly was showing her minature quilts and
telling us about the Quilters Guild and blow me down
if she didn't have one too!
This quilt had taken her 8 years!!!
I think there is something more to come!
See more of my quilts on

Gallery Pictures

As you can see the stack is still glowing and
I have a stand of my quilts next to it.
We are moving round again shortly again for the
new work and the Christmas events.
Visit the Gallery @

Gallery Move Round

I promised I would show you some of the Gallery @ Dereham,
after I had a good old move round.
I was able to inject my love of colour into different areas.
Come visit the Gallery literally or online at

Monday, 8 November 2010

Embellished Flowers

(click on the image to enlarge)
This is the start of a new series of work preparing for an Exhibition
next year based on my 'Art To Embellishment'.
I am experimenting with combining my painting and embellishing.
Some of the images I have taken from photos and sketches
I took or drew in our garden and the gardens we visited this year.
I have still got to add the machine embroidery and the bead embroidery.
I love textures,
so I am enjoying using the different textile techniques.
See more embellishments on this and my website

Newmarket Art and Craft Show

On the way home from the Quilt Show we travel through
Newmarket and decided to go to the Art and Craft Show.
It's like the opposite to Chilford Quilt Show.
Contemporary and glossy artworks and gifts.
Lots to see and buy especially in the food halls!
The tasters were great.
Jenn had the biggest donut ever!
We went up to the top floor and visited
Artist in Residence Roz Lowe.
A ceramics artist, who makes original ceramic
garden worlds. They are like miniature fairy gardens.
I brought an empty pot with a miniature house and garden on it
to put some baby house leeks in.
Her creativity and energy is so wonderful.
Thank you Roz for sharing.
Roz doesn't have a website yet,
maybe one day.

Chilford Exhibition

Jenn and I took ourselves off to Chilford Vineyards
near Cambridge on Friday to visit the
Quilt Exhibition.
There were so many things to see and take in.
I especially liked these wallhangings.
A miss of me but I forgot to take down the makers name
so are putting it out there as a remembrance to
to take details of your favourites and
I like to celebrate the maker along with their websites etc.
If anyone knows the maker and details I would love the feedback.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Thursday Gallery Day

On Thursday, I went into The Gallery to start the
big move round!
This is what it looked like before I started,
great but same, same. I will show you next week the
difference and see what you think.
Yes! as you have gathered I am now
2 days a week @ The Gallery.
I feel so lucky surrounded by all
the creativity.
Jim has his drawing class on a Thursday morning.
While I was working I listened to all the wonderful tips
and encouragement he gave his students.
See more of what goes on at The Gallery and

Free Machine Embroidery

Jeanette is making fabric books in the shape of an archway.
After making the backgrounds and window shapes she is
making free machine embroidery additions to add details
and interest.
I normally use the water soluble plastic to embroider on
but Jeanette is using the water soluble paper!
It worked well but takes a little longer to dissolve and leaves
a bit of a pulpy residue around the intense detail.
I showed Jenette how to tease the pulpy bits out with a firm brush,
be careful not to pull or distort the stitches.
After its all dissolved the stitched interest can be cut out and I
use a soldering iron to reveal the layers of coloured
sheers underneath.
She more of my work on my website
the fine details

Carol's Finished Sun Bonnet Wallhanging

Carol's finished her Sun Bonnet Sue Wallhanging
for her daughter. With this wallhanging she learnt
many new techniques including applique with
Bonda Webb/Wonder Webb. Bias Binding making.
and 'Hatch Quilting' with her machine foot and gauge.
I love the colours and I am sure her daughter will love it too!
Well done Carol!
See more wallhangings on my website

Gallery Day 3rd November 2010

Jeannie is making a designer bag, a mixture of a
downloaded pattern and her own adaptions.
Here she is sewing on the tassel and button.
As you can see the colour fabric and sample boxes get everywhere on
Gallery Taster Sessions.
See more bags on my website

Gallery Day 3rd November 2010

As usual lots going on @The Gallery.
Pat has just finished a Mixed Media Collage,
She started it last week combining all the
techniques she has learnt over the years.
Lovely Medieval colours and building shapes.
Well done Pat!
See more of what happens @The Gallery

Monday, 1 November 2010

My new iPhone

Well, as you know I have just recently bought a laptop, well today

I got an iPhone 4, as mine gave up the ghost on Halloween!

It was Jenn's old one and I had hoped I would have got used

to using it a bit more, before being thrust into

the twenty first century kicking and screaming!

So much technology to grasp,

I think I might have a melt down instead.

Back to creative art tomorrow

@The Gallery Dereham

New Apple MacBook Pro!

Sunday, Stewart took me shopping for a new laptop,
it feels like Christmas!!
I am currently enjoying playing :)

Japanese Book Folding

I had a wonderful day Saturday folding paper and making a Japanese folding book,
at our Embroidery Guild workshop.
Anne and Jenny were our very competent teachers.
We had to cut out all of our paper before hand
which truthfully was a nightmare!
Anne started us off with some gentle cutting and folding
and by lunchtime we were twist folding and ready
for assemblage. After lunch we glued for England!
As you can see by the results on the table,
they are all very beautiful and different creations.
They are now awaiting their covers.
Thank you, Anne and Jenny for a wonderful day!
See more of our local Embroidery Guild at