Thursday, 1 September 2011

Purple Textile

Monday after some gardening with Stewart,
I got into the Studio for some creativity.
I used some tyvek fabric, added stitching
and lace.
This I painted and allowed to semi dry and
then with the studio door open, melted it with
an hot air gun! I added embossing powders and more paint and
melted some more.
I made several layers using the same technique.
I then machine stitched and I am now hand stitching more
details and beads.
Above are areas of the piece of work before I added
more stitching to it.
I will show you the finished piece shortly.
I must be working in a colour theme, Purple!

LIfeline for Chernobyl

After a quiet family holiday weekend Stewart and I
went over to the Lifeline 4 Chernobyl charity
on Sunday. We were on the refreshment team for
The Charity Auction.
The lorry arrived to pick up the trailer
and soon it was on it's way with it's new driver, Ann.
Ann has just past her test to drive artics for the charity!
and she' s driving to Russia! in a convoy.
Well done Ann.
The trailers leave from Hull this week.
They will be going out again in January 2012
so fund raising starts today all over again.
John was up and around a little after his op to see the lorry
go and keep and eye on things. Paulene was in charge of
the Auction.
It was a good 4 hours of bidding and refreshments
and when the Auction had finished
it had been a good one.
See the charity's work on

Paper Strips

Thursday I continued paper sorting and playing.
I love making background papers for mixed media
pieces and I have some new students who want to
start with papers and how to turn it into
works of art.
Here, I cut the newspaper into strips and then wove
them together to form a background.
This was then put onto to vilene and
I have stitched all over in straight stitch
and some patterned stitches to add interest.
This will be painted and then appliqued and
See more of my medias on my website.

Paper Sorting

With no classes this week I thought I would spend my
Wednesday morning sorting out my papers
for card making and projects.
I saw this tip in Kim's studio when I was helping
her set up her new blog.
It works fantastic.
Just an expandable file that sits on a work surface,
colours in each section and it's so easy to use.
Visit Kim's card blog at

Alpaca Farm

After dressing the window at Knit Wits with the
Purple Sampler Quilt I went on to see Nikki
at The Alpaca Barn.
We said 'Hello' to the girls opposite and
then went into the Wet Studio next to the Shop,
to see how to use it for Felt Workshops.
There is so much more space with all the wool
sorted out and boxed.
It will be a great place to work in and
in 'good weather', be able to work outside.
to see more of The Alpaca Farm