Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Kates Quilt

Well back to creating and quilting.
Look at Kate's quilt.
She has finished the top and isn't it stunning.
I showed you images earlier in the year.
This quilt is for her son.
We think we need a layering meeting to sandwich the
top wadding and backing together at my studio
as the quilt is almost as big as Kate's sitting room.
The pattern is based on Persian carpets.
Well done Kate!
We all agreed when finished it needs to go in Exhibition!

Opening Birthday parcels

I did feel a lucky girl.
Scarves,wine,chocolates,a hungry Caterpillar egg cup,
fabric covered notebook, biscuits from Cornwall, materials and glitzy bits.
Thank you so much Coven Girls, we are such a lucky group
of friends.

Coven Quilters

We had a lovely catch up chat and show and tell.
Then Kate surprised me with a Birthday cake as it
was my Birthday month. We seem to be lucky at Coven
and have a Birthday in the group nearly every month.
I think the expression says it all,
"is this really mine, all mine!"

Carol and Sun Bonnet Sue

Carol and I had a quiet afternoon at The Gallery quilting.
Here you can see her attaching the bias binding stems
to her Sun Bonnet Sue Wallhanging.
See more Wallhangings on my website

gallery Day 28th September 2010

Busy morning doing lots of different media.
Jeanette is a new lady to the Tuesday mornings
and enjoyed having her embellishment taster session.
She more embellishments on my website

Shelby at The Gallery

Oh! look who's made themselves comfortable at The Gallery?
Shelby, is the new Gallery Dog and she is so gentle and smart.
It looks like she has smiled for the camera!
See more of what is going on at The Gallery at