Saturday, 12 June 2010

Linda's 'Musing'

Look what arrived in the post on Saturday,
a Thank you from Linda for the wonderful
'studio crawl' we had last Sunday.
What a suprise, it was as I had only just
commented on it that morning on
Linda's post and there it is in my hands, magic!
Thank you Linda and I will put it on my
inspiration board.
See more of Linda's on her blog

Crazywork Beginnings

It's been a very busy week and I wanted to delve into
some colour and stitch on the machine.
This is the start of a sketchbook cover.
This is the week that our Crazywork Round Robin finishes,
and I think is in the back of my mind.
I am really looking forward to seeing the blocks come back.
I haven't seen them for 8 months!
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Linda and her Dragonfly

Here, Linda and her Dragonfly Wallhanging look wonderful!
at The Dragonfly Gallery,Watton.
It was really lovely to be able to go round Linda's Exhibition
with her because she explained the context of her work
celebrated the fact that it was in exhibition and what new work can now
be inspired over for the future.
I like that about putting on exhibitions.
You can see the work for itself, standing alone and in a collection.
It allows you to see what you like
and what direction you want to go in the future.
The Dragonfly Gallery is a wonderful venue and
the staff were really friendly.
See the other exhibitions on the Gallery website

Dragonfly Gallery Exhibition

The Dragonfly Gallery at Wayland House, Watton,
has an exhibition of "Quilt Inspirations" on until 12th June,
by my friend and fellow textile artist
Linda Turner.
I went to see it yesterday and when I entered
Linda was busy working in the Gallery on a detailed
'Soluble Piece'.
Linda's exhibition is outstanding.
Her mixed media landscapes are breathtaking
with the level of work and colour.
Thank you, Linda for sharing your work.
See more of Linda's work and inspiration on her blog at