Sunday, 11 March 2012

Last Card Making Session

Wednesday Card Making took place after a
slight hicup with arrangements and
we got going on making these,
'Oo La La Girls' as Kim calls them.
Very sassy and very sparkly.
Also, making and combining them with detailed backgrounds.
Glitter everywhere and I was really happy with my girls!
I made mine for Aunt Bets 70th and she has been known
to be Oh La La in her day!
But by the end of the day we found out that, that
Kim was unable to do any more sessions due to
work and conflicting times.
So sad, as we have all enjoyed Kim's wonderful
inspiration, sharing and encouragement.
Thank you Kim and I hope we will still be
inspired by you on your blog


On the 28th the Tuesday evening Jenn and I
had Mum and Daughter time at The Circus.
It was lovely to be together watching a traditional
circus with all its fun, giggles and wow!
The top photo, is of the rings, which rotated round
and round and up and down with
two acrobats in them spinning like hamsters!
Jenn consoled herself with candy floss in the interval, after she was
told the camel rides were only for children.
Jenn does fire poi and has been up in the big top,
flying around ring.
I have just finished reading 'The Night Circus',
so it was very apt.
See a video of it on my tech site

Water Soluble Embroidery

I have been showing lots of my background embroideries,
where I mix scrap backgrounds with water soluble embroidery sections
on the top.
There are so many different types of Water Soluble to use,
from plastics that look like cling film to fabric which
looks like the white one showing above and is as thick as vylene.
Angie has used an embroidery ring as her
area of embroidery and with the fabric type you can do a lot
more hand stitching on top as it doesn't tear!
It looks fantastic.
Click to enlarge images.
See a video on Solubles and Embellishing with 'Double Trouble',
Jean Little John and Jan Beaney
on my tech site

Baby Quilt and Tea

Pat finished her Baby Quilt for her new Grand Son and popped in
on her way down to visit so we saw it finished.
As you can see in the background, it was break time
and everyone had come down to the Cafe' area to have
tea and cake!
We are sampling the different cakes and they have
been delicious. I personal recommend the lemon drizzle.
Visit The Gallery

Mixed Media Textile Book Pages

With Jeanette making a new picture for her friend using
the same technique she uses for her book pages,
there was the request she brought them in to show.
Here they are so far.
Aren't they amazing?
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I demonstrated different ways of Applique last month
and Bondaweb was a hit with most students for
its instant effect and possibilities.
Here, Brenda is making a Chicken Mat for her kitchen.
It makes you smile!

Apple a Day

Lots of bags using my 'Blue Wave' pattern are
being made and they are all so different.
Here Andrea has used apple fabric to make a
real Spring bag. It looks so fresh and crisp.
She has added Suffolk Puff as decoration by
the handles.See my bag
See more bags by clicking on the labels below.

Memory Cushion

Nikki has finished her Memory Cushion of her Mum
as a gift for her Dad.
Using photo transfer she has incorporated the
photos with patchwork.
It looks great and such a special gift.
It has been a way of sharing to with the group.

Machine Embellished Needlecase

I encourage my students to save all the edges and scraps they cut
away as they might come in hand for other projects!
I like placing and bonding my collections all down,
then free machine stitching all over.
This fabric, I then add surfaces, print and stitch to.
Above, Barbara has made this beautiful needlecase
by using all the off cuts and trimmings from her
India Inspired Wall Hanging and a floral gauze.
The sparkly sari pieces just add that glitz.
See my journal cover using the sam method.
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