Monday, 17 October 2011

Lace Book

Wednesday was card making with Kim @The Gallery.
We were continuing to use the embossed book templates
and add dry embossing to our cards.
Sylvia had kindly given me several books on
card making the day before and it spurred me on
to mix my medias as usual.
I wanted to add lace and metal work.
I went shopping before the class at
Bead this Craft That for lace, pearl beads on a string
and anything that caught my eye.
(I have a craft budget each week to keep me in check an
often add weeks together to save for the larger items!).
See Bead This Craft That's website
We had a wonderful morning and all our cards were
very different. I love learning new skills and then
experimenting with all the different medias.
I will continue this Book Card over several sessions.
I have since found a lady on You Tube who has made
beautiful cards using this technique and medias
See more of my card making at
and see Kim's blog