Thursday, 30 September 2010

Back of the LIKE cushion

My LIKE products will be
launching on

My Like Cushion

My 'Like' cushion is made of Denim.
This is the 'LIKE Facebook'range.
See details and launch shortly on


When I got home I needed a cup of tea and sat in
the conservatory with the door open as the weather
was sunny again.
Look who came in the door!
A very fluffy caterpillar!
I must start learning which ones are to which
butterfly or moth.

Like Cushion @

This is the back of the 'Like' cushions.
Each one is unique but is a set design.
Underneath the @ logo I can put the website or location required.
Each cushion is copywrited and so are the designs for the other
LIKE products.
They can be made in various colours, Denim and fleece.
See more of the products shortly on

LIke Products

I am making and selling a range of 'Like' products.
This is the 'Like' cushion
Each cushion has the 'Like'
and you can add your own name, website or
They will be for sale on