Saturday, 11 June 2011

Gilded Flowers

On Friday it was chores morning and catching up
on paperwork. When these were finished
I went in the studio and carried on
with the gilding I had started on Wednesday.
Time flies when you are learning something new!
Here is how far I got. Now I just need to
stick and continue with the backgrounds for them.
There is two different ways of gilding here.
Stamp and emboss a piece of card with your pattern,
then using 'size',
paint the areas you want to gild. Allow to almost dry,
it should look tacky. Then put on the flakes all over the area,
brush off any excess with a soft brush.
Do this on to a separate piece of card to save the flakes.
Then continue to brush off the smaller excess pieces,
the pattern is then buffed with a soft tissue.
The other way is to use the double sided sticky
transparent sheets.
(It has the square grids on for card making).
Cut a square out slightly bigger than your flower.
Peel off one side and sick on a peel -off, of your
choice, here I chose flowers.
Place the gilding flakes in the sticky areas and finish
as above. You can then either stick the the square
straight on to a card or cut the shape out.
happy gilding.
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