Saturday, 17 April 2010

Japanese Garden and Sculpture

Today Stewart and I were in the garden tidying up, digging,mulching and planting.
This is a Japanese inspired garden designed by myself at the back of my studio. The standing sculpture is based on standing stones important in Japanese Gardens. I designed the ceramic stones. The clay was pushed into boxes which were lined with calico fabric so the clay picked up all the folds and creases. It was finished and fired by an artist called 'Flick' she has her own ceramics buisness now. Pebbles and slate form a dry river bed and pool around a ceramic seat made in the same way.
On the studio wall is a wall hanging made by me in etched and joined metal sections called 'Rabbits Don't Wear Armour', part of 'The Roadkill' Exhibition. On the metal dividing fence is a large climbing jasmine which makes this garden smell heavenly.
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