Friday, 4 June 2010

Clematis Arch

(double click on image to enlarge)
This purple clematis is absolutely amazing the flowers
are the size of side plates!
It is climbing up through a climbing rose on another arch.
I put my Starburst quilt on the seat.
All the fabric for this was dyed and batik'd.
The veg bed in front of it has got courgettes in
but as you can see it has been very dry here,
we have to water most nights.
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Clematis Arches

I just had to take a photograph of the Clematis Arches
in our garden.
This one leads into the 'Monks Garden'.
It's enclosed originally for a place for me to come out
of my old studio,
sit in a secret garden read and draw.
Now it's where we plant salads and veg
we don't want the deer to eat!
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Watton Holiday Workshop

As one of my roles as a Norfolk Community Artist I help run
Holiday Art Activities and yesterday I was at Watton Junior School.
The theme was 'Holiday in a Box'.
All the children had the opportunity of making a box,painting it, decorating and putting
things that they would like to do on holiday or places they have been.
They also got the chance of putting a wish holiday in an envelope
which maybe one day will come true.( We all crossed our fingers!)
Lots of paint,glitter,laughter and eating went on.
Thank you to Sue who organised the event and the two parents who
volunteered to help.
As you can see this group had a lovely time!
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Gallery Day 2nd of June

More of the Exhibition by Marion and Jill.
Workshop Tuesday was wonderful with all the inspiration around.
On the table is the Quillo I have been working on.
You saw the pile of fabric before.
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Gallery Day 2nd of June

The Gallery is hosting the work of two Textile Artists,
for the Norfolk Open Studios.
The Artists are Jill Arnold and Marion Barnett
and are exhibiting and demonstrating,
their work until 6th of June.
Visit Marion's blog at
The Exhibition runs until