Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Start of a Wallhanging

Angie wanted to use most of the fabrics she had collected together.
She had a few guidelines in mind.
No measuring!
No rules!
bigger than an A4!!!
This preparation of the wallhanging appeared very quickly
and is definitely larger than A4!
Angie pinned it all in place and had started to turn some of the hems on
the circles,leaving some with their frayed edges too!
(Double click on the wallhanging to see the detail).
Angie now can do the creative stitch and embellishment bit!
Nice to see Angie creating at The Gallery.
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Angie Planning Her Wallhanging

Angie came to The Gallery today straight from work!
Angie needed some inspiration and others to create with.
It didn't take her long before she emptied all her fabric out on the
table, set a few things she wanted to achieve and not long after
she had a wallhanging in the making.
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Carol Machine Quilting

Carol is very percise and she wants her quilting a certain way,
so she has quilted a bit,then unpicked,
quilted a bit and then unpicked.
Today she got into the 'zone' and started to quilt how
see really wanted to!
Well done, Carol for your practice and patience.
It is definitely paying off.
Carol took home lots of homework, as The Gallery is closed next week.
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Pat's Thank you Angel

Pat finished her mixed media angel today.
Isn't she wonderful?
What a beautiful facial expression.
(double click on angel picture to get the details)
Pat is giving it as a gift to say, 'Thank You'
and it will now be in the post.
It has been a real pleasure to see this angel materialise.
Well done Pat!
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