Monday, 11 October 2010


This is the pile of finished colourful children's quilts.
There is another three in different stages of completion.
They are for the sales stand at the
Alveva Exhibition.
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Lion Quilt

The pieces of colourful animal and childrens fabrics
are getting smaller and different shapes now.
So I think this may be the last of this series of Quilts.
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Gallery Day 5th October 2010

A busy day at the Gallery.
Lots of creating!
Pat had finished recycling some artwork that I
persuaded her to NOT to to put in the
children recycle bin.
She did some embellishing on the machine.
Cut it up into sections and then embellished some more.
Here are the cards she has made.
They are each works of art.
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Eat, Prey, Love

When I got back in the afternoon after stage designing.
Stewart and I decided we needed a date.
So took ourselves off to the cinema in
Kings Lynn.
We watched "Eat, Prey, Love".
Starring Julia Roberts.
What wonderful scenery and morals of life.
Although not all of us can go off for a year to find ourselves!
and to such wonderful places.
Afterwards we had a drink in at The Crown at Gayton
before coming home for a late supper.
a very different and lovely day!

Stage Design

Saturday 2nd of October, seven of us
got together from Alveva's to start making all the stage
displays. Flowers,basket arrangements and
painted wooden bushes!
It looks a little strange at the moment
it always does until it's in position at the Exhibition
and has all the Quilts, backdrop and props.

Porters Barn

Wow! I can't believe how fast this creative year is going.
It's been 10 days since I posted.
It's been really busy!
Jenn and I went to measure up Porters Barn
ready for the Exhibition on the 23rd and 24th of this month.
We checked the sizes of where everything needed to go,
Stallholders and stands,Quilts and Exhibitions by members.
The stage backdrop required ladder technicality.
I am spray painting the Garden scene on it so
the scale has got to be right.
It looks so big empty.
The theme of the Exhibition is,
"An English Country Garden"
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