Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Through The Arches

This is looking through the archway, from what I call my 'Monks Secret Garden' to the top of the vegetable garden. Secret because it is enclosed and there is a seat in a rose arbour where I like to hide and read! Monks because it is full of herbs, a wooden lecturn and a pew seat. I based it on the herb and vegetable gardens on the terraces of St Mount Michelle in France.
In the vegetable garden beyond this gate there are onions,celery,peas,cabbages and early potatoes. As you are starting to see Quilters Cottage Garden is split up into smaller gardens. This encourages us to try different garden ideas and it's easier to garden!
I love the Spring as everything wakes up and we can get outside.
I have also managed an hour of freemotion quilting on the Red Quilt today and had a lovely lunch with the family.
Out tonight at The Embroidery Guild.

Out in the Garden

This is near the top of Quilters Cottage garden. The greenhouse, polytunnel and working area is beyond this. Today we weeded and prepared the soil for late potatoes and red onions. The long bed is asphagus and will be starting to come up soon. I just love asphagus! there is also a raspberry bed, trimmed and tied up in hopeful expectation!
The metal sculpture in the foreground is one of mine and based on Crewel Embroidery and Border patterns. The paths are all gravel now to stop weeds and to make the areas easier to look after.