Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Polymer Clay Workshop

On Saturday 3rd I went to a Polymer Clay Workshop
at Knit Wits in Dereham.
It's lovely being a student and being all
excited about what the day will bring and
not knowing what to expect.
Trish and Karen were fantastic teachers.
They demonstrated and shared so much we were
itching to get on making the buttons and beads.
They showed us how to use all the equipment and
were to hand to show the next techniques.
Everyone had a great time and made wow stuff.
I say wow stuff because every time you turned round
and looked at someone elses creation you went
I had to leave early so I could travel down to a family
surprise party, the class was hard for me to leave
so you can tell how good it was.
Thank you for all for making it such a fantastic day.
Visit Trish and Karen on their website

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  1. Wow, I checked out the tulip tree website. What incredible buttons. Wish I could have sat in on this class.