Sunday, 12 June 2011

Japanese Folded Bag

On a previous Sunday afternoon, I made
these Folded Bags.
It is my version of a bag pattern that was in
magazine, designed by Alison Harris.
I will make some more of these for gifts and workshops
as they are so 'natty'!
See more of my bags on my website

Surreal Art in the Garden

Before the rain started, Stewart and I put up this metal
hanging so the kiwi plant has something to grow up.
The kiwi fruit seeds were started off by my father in law
and now with all the lovely weather it has started to grow
quite quick.
This corner is outside Stewart's studio and divides
that garden to the Japanese area.
We had burnt an old single mattress a couple of
weeks ago in our burning area and when the fire
was finished it left behind the springs.
Interesting! I thought, I can use those.
What for, I didn't know at the time
but this morning walking past the empty screen divider,
thinking that the kiwi would soon need a trellis
to grow up, it came to me.
This corner has always displayed Surreal Art
of mine, originally a 1.5 m 'peep box',
called 'Have You Ever',
click this link HERE to view
which over the years disintergrated slowly
so was replaced by a screen and sculpture arrangement.
The lady came from inside that box.
I love sculpture gardens and put unusual areas
around my garden.
The white board is not usually behind it,
I put this up so the area would photograph.
You look right through at the moment until the
kiwi grows up the screen.
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Through The Eye Textile Exhibition

On Saturday, Stewart and I went off to the North Norfolk Coast,
to a Textile Exhibition
called "Through The Eye"
at Brancaster Staithe Village Hall.
It was put on by The Hindolveston Textile Group.
Wow! when you walked in the door you were met by friendly
faces and the array of different mixed media textile work.
The work was breath taking and much to admire.
Even through some you were able to identify techniques
or stitches, the combination and thought of each piece was
wonderful. There was something there for everyone
to admire. Stewart especially like the two 'mask'
pieces on the stage.
Well done, to all who exhibited and helped to
put on such an inspiring Exhibition
and we look forward to more of the
groups Exhibitions.

Three Gilded Mixed Media Cards

Here are all three of the mixed media cards with gilding,
I really love the vivid pink with the various shades of Gold.
They are very India inspired.
See my website for more
Mixed Media work.

Gilded Flowers

Here is the first of the Gilded Flower Cards put together.
I love looking around my studio for that treasure,
the little bit of something that is just right to add to a piece of work.
The treasure that makes you go, "yes, that fits".
See more of my mixed media work on my website.