Saturday, 5 November 2011

Strip Cushion Making at Knit Wits

Several students have been making the striped cushions.
They have been using different types of materials
and techniques within the project. It is so lovely that
everyone is so different even though they start with
my strip cushions as a pattern guide.
See my cushions HERE

Sewing Desk Tidy

I am a great believer in serendipidy.
I also encourage 'Show and Tell'
of finished projects etc.
Gloria has finished
her strip cushion and came to class not sure what she wanted
to make and wanted to be inspired with the projects
I show each week. Gloria had been in one of
Dereham's local thrift shops just before coming to class too
and brought
metres of blue and red silk that had
just been put out as she walked into the shop.
She immediately brought it, thinking that
she might be able to make something with it
at class. It is raw silk and beautiful!
When she took it out of the bag we all
went oooo!!! and yum
because of the colours and the look!
Gloria saw my sewing desk tidy and wanted
to make one, she had brought upholstery fabric
with her but it was a united vote that she made
hers out of these silks.
Well after the 2 hour session,you can see it finished
above We all wanted one as it is lovely!
Gloria kindly gave me some of the silks
with a wink in her eye,
" We'll see what you can make out of it!".
Cheeky but how lovely!
Thank you Gloria!
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Thursday Quilting Class at Knit Wits 3rd Nov 2011

The patchwork and Quilting Classes at Knit Wits
are going really well and so many projects are
being made. This week it was 'Squares and Triangles'.
As you can by some of the photos they are really
getting on well. From Sewing machine Mats,
Cushions and Baby Quilts.
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Card Making Wednesday 1st November 2011

On Wednesday it was Card Making Class with Kim.
Kim is showing us different ways of using
card making equipment to make
Christmas Cards.
Kim also showed us how to make a box for our
3D cards.
I love the time to create and learn
with different media.
See another great box pattern video
The paper dollies are colour blended with
distress inks.
I decided to make vintage version and
use a multi- fold blank.
I didn't realise you have to cover so many surfaces!
They are turning out o.k though.
I will continue these next week.
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or visit my card making site

Barbara's Indian Fabric Inspired Wall Hanging

Barbara had brought some wonderful Indian
sari fabrics and she has been working on
her India Inspired Wall Hanging for a couple of weeks.
It is really colourful and makes you feel good
with all it's colour and glitz.
well done Barbara.
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on my website

Christmas Projects

Christmas is definitely coming with all the Christmas Projects
being made. These are Sylvia's bag, using the one I showed
last week and a block from a
runner which she is making from a
Mc Calls Pattern Book.
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Gallery Tuesday 1st November 2011

For a November day it was a beautiful sunny one and
The Gallery was very busy.
Everyone was doing different projects.
Christine had come along for a taster session, so I
soon set her to work on the Embellisher.
You can see her card above.
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