Saturday, 24 April 2010

Large Flower Border at Quilters Cottage

Today Stewart and I finished the large flower border in the front garden area.
The border on this hedge side is 60 feet long so you can see it has taken some time.
We started refurbishing at the end of last year because it had got full of real persistant weeds.
We took nearly everything out and started again,
other than the large bushes and trees and heavily mulched.
I am now replanting and heavily mulching again to try and save some work!
see more of Quilters Cottage Garden throughout this blog.

Liz's Old Quilt

We have 'Show and Tell at Alveva's every month.
We had lots of lovely quilts in the making,
our workshop tidies and this old quilt brought by Liz, on Ebay.
It is really beautiful and in very good condition.
The pattern is a variation on'Old Maids Puzzle'.
It is all hand quilted.
Well done Liz and well done to all our members for making it such a lovely group.
See some of my quilts on my website

Jo Rolfe textile Artist

Jo Rolfe Textile Artist, came to share her work with us at Alveva Quilters. She showed us her earliest work as a child and then through her education courses within textiles and right up to date with her PHD, which is based on traditional crafts but all use terms and methods which could be seen to relate to textiles.
Jo's studio is open in the 'Open Studios Norfolk',