Sunday, 16 May 2010

Metal Mystic 1 Copper

So here is one of 'The Metal Mystic' wallhangings finished.
It measures 14'' by 15''.
Inspired by metal and the the work of Appothercary's of ancient times.
I have enjoyed making the wallhangings as and when,
adding to them and sewing bit by bit
like a potions or recipes.
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Metal Mystic 1 Back

This is the back of 'The Metal Mystic 1 Copper'.
The piece is dated,signed and I have also written a quote,
'Art is healing......The journey is the Inspiration'
I heard it on the radio and had to write it down.
Sadly I don't know who said it.
I have got to put a sleeve on it for hanging
and its done.
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Mystic Metal Wallhanging Planning

As some of you know who follow my blog,
I have been burning and burnishing metal for a while now.
(See previous blog,'burning metal')
This was one of the pieces that has been sat on my work table ready for stitching.
This is often how pieces of work materialise from the studio.
It contains dyed, purchased fabrics and others which I have
printed and adapted.
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Saturday was spent weeding nearly the entire garden at
Quilters Cottage from the top vegetable garden, down.
Remember we have nearly an acre here and things are growing fast!
We have just got the front to do now!
This is the Japonica (Quince) at the side of the cottage near the front door.
I just love the way nature puts its colours together, with a little help!
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