Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Design to Art Quilt

As you can see Pat has finished making her mixed media textile
trees and they are now ready for the background.
The background is calico dyed and painted in several layers
to build up colour
in certain areas, and to signify borders.
The centre of the wallhanging is all threads and strands of fabric,
machine stitched and embellished onto felt.
Pat is going to take these out in a circle to the border.
This is a piece which needed the design process to
bring ideas together and to choose the different
ways the piece could go.
The design element of any artwork can happen at the
beginning and often at many different stages of development.
Standing back and often walking away leaving the piece
on show allows you to discover more about the artwork or
develop a different technique approach.
Sampling on a mock up really helps.
Not all art making is clear cut and can teach all
of us many different things along the way
by trying different techniques before settling on the next step,
Experimenting is one of the beauties of ART.

Pat's Projects

Pat always has lots of projects in the process.
Here is a bag made from a Scottish Mohair Scarf.
It is being modelled by the Gallery Statue.
(She has had the opportunity to model Pat's wearable
creations before).
The cushion below is a modern linen and lace
cushion cover with Pat's added modern art, mixed media and lace.
Pat is adding some embroidery embellishments later.
See more creative work throughout this site
by clicking gallery or mixed media in the labels below.

Cherry Quilt

Barbara wanted to learn how to make applique by the machine.
She started last week learning how to use
Bonda web (fusible webbing) and
how to use a sewing machine, where to stop and start etc.
This week it was borders.
This is another quilt which is being made out of fabric scraps.
See more block quilts on my website

Gallery Day 22nd March 2011

Sylvia is such an inspirational lady and every week
she wants to learn more and I think
everyone learns from Sylvia.
Here she is showing us the applique cards she has made
on her machine.
Sylvia is learning the different ways of Machine Embroidery.
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Art Tidy

Almost every week I make Art Tidy's for commissions.
This one was the latest one.
I teach students how to make their own when they
want a quick project to make.