Friday, 25 March 2011

Card Making

As some of you know I like making and learning different things.
I often learn a technique or skill at a workshop and
this in a way adds to my mixed media work as an artist.
I always learn something and find it humbling to be an
student. Different Tutors have their way of
setting out and using equipment that you would otherwise
never come into contact with or you have been doing
something the same way for years and you are
shown a new or easier way to do it, wonderful!
I am going to Kim's (a tutor @ The Gallery Dereham)
scrapbooking class and she mentioned that she does
different card making techniques too!
So I went along on Wednesday and
look at what I started on! these Mandala tile cards,
the rest of the group were already doing theirs and
I really jumped into the deep end.
I just loved it, the stamping and cutting out of the different layers
and then building them up again.
The shimmer paints are beautiful to use and so glossy!
I will be doing more of these.
See more of what goes on @The Gallery

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