Saturday, 10 March 2012

Gallery Day 28th February 2012

On Textile Tuesdays there are many different medias
being created as you will see by the next posts.
Above, is Jenny's Embellished Sketchbook.
Sometimes we all need encouragement to do things
a little different and Jenny has made this
cover differently to what she has before.
Also she has been inspired by PINK!
See more embellished textiles by clicking the labels below.

Life Line 4 Chernobyl

Stewart and I have been helping out by making teas,coffees,
bacon and sausage rolls once a month at
The Life Line 4 Chernobyl Auctions since July last year.
We help the rest of the month by advertising,
collecting clothes, shoes and household items.
Stewart also restores bicycles to sell at the auction
and send out to Chernobyl.
Quilts are still needed too!
John and Pauline work every minute of the day
to send aid to Chernobyl to 'The Forgotten People'.
They prepare all month for the auction,
to make them interesting and encourage fund raising.
The big ask at the moment, is a
The last one was so old that it let in water,
it had welds on its welds!
Any info would really help.
The new sponsored signs look great and will be
in window of John's furniture shop in Kings Lynn.
See the Life Line 4 Chernobyl

West Norfolk Yarn and Textile Group

On Saturday 25th February was the second meeting
of the WNYTG, the group encourages all types of
yarn crafts.
There was dressmaking, weaving, knitting, embroidery
and I took the embellisher machines and a table
of inspiration, wools threads and felt, for the sharing
of a skill.
Everyone that had a go loved creating, the waistcoat
looked fantastic.
The next meeting is on the 17th March
at East Runcton Village Hall.

Barbara's Star Quilt

After our meal we were all feeling so lucky to be together
and on a day time too!
The Riverside had really made a wonderful meal.
I had driven into town and parked at Barbara's,
so we all went in two cars.
After the meal I went back to Barbara's and
she wanted to show me her Star Quilt progress
and ask some tips.
It looks fantastic and I am so proud of
Barbara for being able to crawl all over the
floor and get up again!!! :))

Coven Lunch

Every year The Coven Quilters have a celebration meal,
to celebrate that we are all together and bring in a new year.
This year we decided to eat out and have our meal at
lunch time!
The Riverside Restaurant is in Kings Lynn.
Near The Arts Centre.
We love getting together and it always makes our week.
This month like any other there is a birthday,
this month it was Barbara W.
I got the girlies to pass the keepsake cushions around
and sign the back with messages.
See these cushions

Sampler Quilt

I love teaching different patterns within Patchwork
and The Sampler Blocks are so good to learn all the
I first learnt how to do the Sampler Blocks
in The Shetland Islands over 24 years ago with
the first Sampler Book by Diane Lione.
Lynne Edwards is now famous for The Sampler Quilt
and her books.
Above Judith has completed seven so far and needed
to choose the next patterns and the fabrics to balance
these blocks with the other squares she has already made.
You can either make the sampler out of complete scraps using
plain calico as your background squares or you can
choose and buy your fabrics to match and tone.
To see my Sampler Quilt
Click HERE
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Charm Pack Quilt

Katherine has managed to complete putting her Charm Pack
Quilt together. It looks great and timeless.
It has that aged quilt already. Beautiful.
Its now ready for quilting.

Knit Wits Quilt Class 23rd February 2012

The Patchwork and Quilting being created at Knit Wits Classes
is so varied and I love seeing all the different things being made.
I inspire with weekly projects and a monthly topic and
students have their projects that they want to make.
At the top Roz was making Mug Mats for herself, her office and friends.
The picture below shows Ann's striped wall hanging.
Its ready for trimmings and embellishments.
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Ribbon Sculpture

Annette being a florist brought in a box of ribbons!
She was kind enough to unwind and cut off some of each
of the colours. As they collected on the table
they started to form a sculpture!
I just had to take it into the middle of the Gallery
floor and take a picture.
The challenge for me now is to un- ravel and make some
luscious items or use as embellishments.
Thank you Annette.