Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Working at The Gallery

I love Tuesdays at The Gallery Dereham, surrounded by art and creative people. The comings and goings are interspersed with me demonstrating mixed media techniques. I was embellishing today. Several people had a try and loved it and want a workshop. Marion came to play too!
Her piece of new work can be seen in the foreground on the table.
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Marion Playing Too!

Marion came to play at the gallery too!
She brought in work that she had been developing on the new printer, Big Beautiful Bertha!
Here she is preparing the Lutradur before it goes through the printer.
Visit her website for a real feast for the eyes.

I Want One!

Judy really loves embellishing. After a quilck how to and tips on how to use and how some fabrics react to felting she was hooked! her words were"I want one!"

Tuesday at The Gallery 12th Jan 2010

Tuesday morning at the gallery Dereham was interesting today with all the comings and goings.The spaces have been moved round now so there is a gallery and shop area (Hadyn in his Framing workshop and Photography spaces and a workshop and display area for art!

I took the Embellisher and as you can see Judy one of the gallery owners had a go . She had never done embellishing before so tried all the different scraps of fabrics and wools on her sample.