Thursday, 14 April 2011

Jeanette's Notebook

Jeanette had been on a workshop recently to make backgrounds
and the flowers.
She wanted to incorporate them in the
embellishment of notebook covers.
She had brought several little notebooks and wants to cover them for gifts.
By adding some gold threads
( which she had to go and buy from The bead Shop in Dereham)
and some extra quilting it gave this cover a real lift.
The cover was then finished off by making a lining which
slips off if necessary.
I have used many different methods of finishing sketchbooks
but this one called for some jewel coloured lining
to give it the added luxury.
Click on the photograph to enlarge and appreciate the Embroidery.

Sylvia making Paper and Stitch Flowers

Sylvia wanted a break from quilting and so for the last few weeks
has been getting to grips with machine embroidery and
mixed media combinations.
Here she is stitching her Paper and Stitch Flower together.
Mine is in front of her as a guide.
When I got the bead box out everyone had a rummage
through and found beads that were yummy!
See my post on Embellished Flowers by
clicking the label below or by the post.
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on my website

Annes Quillow

Anne has been away on holiday for what seems months and she has
had a wonderful time.
She came back to The Gallery to finish off her
I just love these colours!
Anne is now going to put another border around the edge and
finish off with quilting and a cushion on the back.
See more of my quillows by clicking the
blue and green one on the right of this post.

Gallery Day 12th April 2011

Jeanette has finished 'Bolliwood Turrets', it now needs the
considered background and the box frame!
Click the label Bolliwood at the bottom of this post to see it's
development and changes.
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Enjoy watching the Henna Mehndi Designs on this video.
The designs could be used for many medias.

Kate's Baking

Kate is a real star, she not only lets us meet up in her home
she bakes amazing cakes which we all look forward to.
This month there were no birthdays but you would have
thought so by this amazing swiss roll,
filled with lashings of fresh cream and raspberries.
It was a no flour sponge and so, so light!!
There was flapjacks and Cherry loaf cake too!
Her Victorian style conservatory is so lovely to retreat to for tea
over looking the garden, although by the time we leave it,
we can't see the garden through the night.
We all commented this month on Kate's Pansy's and
Spring flowers looked so beautiful.

Joan's Quillo

Joan had been on Quilting Retreat at Belstead House, near Ipswich,
this weekend and made this quillow for a friend who is going back to Australia
while she was there.
Joan went on a weekend where you enjoy the surroundings and company
of quilters but do your own thing.
What a lovely gift and because there are some of the Cathedrals and Churches
her friend had visited on the quillow, a memory quilt too!
Well done Joan, I love making Quillows.
If you want to see more quillows click
my blue and green picture of a quillow on the right of this post.

Kate's Candy Square Quilt

Monday night it was Coven Quilters.
Now Coven is a 7.30pm start and I just make it home
before Cinderella!!!!
I only have to drive 20 minute drive so you can see we get a lot
in our once a month evening!
( I feel so lucky to be doing Quilt related work and play all day!).
Kate makes stunning quilts and this is one that she has been working on
for a few years. It uses 1930's inspired fabrics and I just love the candy
colour hue of it. The back is wonderful too!
with it's "Strippy Quilt", feel.
Well done Kate!
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Quilts for Chernobyl

Joan showed us another two quilts she had made with Anne's
material to make up these lap quilts.
They are "Tied Quilted".
(knotted with threads to hold the layers together).
Above are 28 finished quilts so far from several different groups
and there are more promised.
I had the delight of photographing everyone and then as
a group so they will be able to go on a website and in a booklet.
The lorry is taking the quilts and clothing out in September.
Visit by clicking
for more information.

Show and Tell Applique

Folded Cathedral Window

Folded Catedral Window Patchwork and Quilting is always nice to
see as you respect the amount of folding and precision involved.
Jenny and Marion gave us a Demo of how to do it.
They made it look easy!
Here is a video that shows you how to do
Cathedral window on the sewing machine.
Clever once you have worked it out.

Show and Tell Bags

Weeting Quilt Group

On the first Monday of most months Weeting Quilt Group meet at Weeting Village Hall from 11.30am until 3.30pm. It's a really friendly group and lots of quilting, chatting and sharing of skills goes on.
Here is one half of the group listening to Chris give out the notices and start the 'Show and Tell'.