Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Card and Keepsake Journals

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.
I had a nice break, ended up with flu and a chest infection!
While recovering I sorted out all the Christmas cards and keepsakes
that I had collected over a few years. 
As some Christmas cards came through the letter box
they ended up straight in the journals as they 
made me smile and fitted straight in.
I will hopefully place a you tube video of the journals,
 when my voice gets back to normal.
The journal on the left is a Nordic Inspired Christmas Journal
See Photos of the journal HERE
 I started the other keepsake journal alongside
the one I made for Irene which can be seen on my 
Christmas2Inspire blog HERE
This is a short video of Irene's Christmas Journal
There are some some similar pages
but I have added a lot more during this break.
You can see more of the posts on my Christmas2Inspire Blog
which I have managed to update 
I have managed to up date the blog and
 there is lots to inspire
during this holiday season.
I have already started on next years projects and ideas
so visit and I wish you all a 
Happy New Year.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Shibori Felting

During the summer I always dye lots of fabric, make felt and
paper. Above is a piece of Shibori Felting.
A technique I have adapted over several summers and this
summer I gave a six week course of how to do this technique and 
several other unusual additions.
The five pieces I made this summer sold when they
went into exhibition. I had to make two of the above
because I couldn't bear to part with it.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Indigo and Shibori

I finished this wall hanging out of all the Shibori and Indigo Dyeing.
I had made in previous sessions. 
I have been teaching 101 ways of stitching, tying and folding
fabric for dye patterns.
See more of what is going on in the studio 
See a Shibori video on my Art Tech Blog HERE

Friday, 11 July 2014

Artisan Apron

I just had to make this Artisan Apron.
It was designed by Janet Claire after I found this Batik
fabric in my stash, while looking through my Indigo Dyed fabrics.
I have been saving it for just such a project.
(We hear ourselves saying that when we buy or are giving fabric!!!).
It took a bit to pattern match, it looks great on but at 
 the moment it is on display on a  
mannequin in the studio. 
See my studio displays HERE
I will be wearing it shortly!
This month the studio inspiration is about,
'Colour, Dyeing Fabric and Over Printing'.
See more of what goes on in The Old Art Room Studio

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Velvet Scrap Cushion

I make cushions for the sofa in The Old Art Room every month.
This one is made from lots of scraps of velvets and
 plush upholstery fabrics.
See more of what is going on in the studio and students work

Sunday, 11 May 2014

PVA, Tissue Fabric

The first Textile Tuesday and Thursday of May,
 we were making PVA Tissue Fabric.
It is a popular method of creating an unusual textured fabric and 
it can be stitched, decorated, coated and gilded.
You can use any fabric as a base.
We started with sheeting, muslin and 
upholstery fabric. 
You mix one part PVA glue with two parts water.
Tear up your tissue paper into pieces and 
start gluing them onto your fabric,
over lapping slightly.
As soon as you have finished you then add colour.
We used spent procion dyes.
Allow to dry thoroughly and then you can start stitching
and decorating.
If you want it for a book cover you can gild it with metallic rubs,
 then seal with acrylic wax or boot polish.
(Boot polish gives a leather look).
Everyone had so much fun. 
Sticking gluing and dyeing.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Metal Button Wreath

I have enjoyed this Sunday sticking and gluing my collection of
metal buttons and snaps to make a wreath. I have been collecting all 
the metal buttons over the last few years. 
The ones you don't use for other projects.
 As some of you know I have set myself the challenge of making a 
wreath every month using the inspiration of the studio.
This month its 'Metal and Shimmer'.
See more of the wreaths and the studio displays

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Reserved Cushion

Doris's Sampler Quilt

Doris started this quilt in September 13 and has now finished. It is her first quilt and 
it is a 'Quilt As You Go'. to make it easy to quilt. Doris has decided to do hand and machine techniques.
See the finished quilt HERE

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