Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Stained Glass Patchwork

I really admire Carol she chooses some
wonderful projects to do.
Carol chose a picture of a 1930's stained glass
window and wanted to make it in patchwork.
She had seen some pictures of the Stained Glass patchwork in
some magazines and wanted to make her own.
So, we made a pattern and and then she traced it.
Cut all the little pieces out, labelling the paper which you
put on top as you go.
(It's like a fabric jigsaw puzzle!).
I have previously posted this photo.
It is then a matter of taking section by section,
laying the black bias binding on the top of the joins
remembering to figure out how to hide all the
edges of the bias binding underneath the other ones.
You can see this in the top picture.
Carol brought the iron on and very fine bias
which looks wonderful so far as you can see.
By clicking on the 'Stained glass patchwork', label
below you can see the finished piece of work.

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