Monday, 29 November 2010

Finished Book Page

Here is Jeannett's finished page.
Isn't it amazing?

Book Pages

Jeannett's been learning many different techniques @ The Gallery
workshops on Tuesdays.
There are many different layers to this page.

Jenn, what can I say!

Well, what can I say,
Jenn's been Snow bathing again!!!!!!

It's Snowing!

Its snowing! and how pretty it all looks,
but it is causing caos as usual in the country.
Jenn and I just love the white stuff!

Embroidery Guild Talk

This Wednesday evening I gave a talk to my local Embroidery Guild,
in Kings Lynn.
I was asked to talk about my Quilts of Quilters Cottage.
I took over a hundred quilts and enjoyed telling the stories
behind them.
It was lovely as I am a member and the group had loads of questions and
were really lovely.
Thank you Barbara for taking photos.
I am not one for having photos of me but I hid behind
my wares 'quilts', a lot of the evening!
See some of my quilts on the portfolio pages on