Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lorna's ATC

Look at what arrived in the post. A beautiful ATC from Lorna,
it is even more beautiful in real life.
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Rose Bonnet Pattern

Listening to Norma Bean's talk at our Embroidery Guild meeting last night about the women sent to Australia for crimes as little as 'stealing a loaf of bread', looking at the display of bonnets representing a few of the women's lives.It brought home the emotional thoughts of women torn from what they knew and never to see their family again. It was emotional because it is the history of human suffering which is often forgotten and still going on today!
The project for this memorial is the quest of artist Christina Henri who lives not far from the female factory in Hobart.
As you can see I brought the pattern and the 3 linen packs. I was determined for my Mum and daughter to be inspired too! 3 generations of women stitching together.
Now to do some more family history!

If you would like to make a bonnet which will be a tribute to a 'Rose' and on permanent exhibition in Hobart.
Please email Norma Bean (this is not a link, put in your address bar as normal)
or visit or the artist

A plea from Norma Bean, please if you have had a pattern, please make and send your Bonnet tribute.

Rose From The Heart Bonnets

Norma Bean was brilliant in telling the story and the quest of Australian Artist Christina Henri, living in Tasmania. Her quest of making a bonnet for the Memorial to all the convict women transported to Australia. Which from records was approximately 25,566. Each bonnet will signify the bravery and grit of 'The Roses' which were torn from their roots for crimes that in Norma's words and many eyes,"required pity more than punishment and they were pawns to a slave trade for stealing as little as a loaf of bread!"
These brave women suffered dreadfully on the journey there which remember took up to a year and sometimes two if they were held on a waiting prison ship. On arrival then went to the factory to hardship and suffering. These are the pioneering women of Australia but they stand for the determination of survival that is outstanding.
If you would like to know more or would like to adopt a brave Rose and make a bonnet. please email Norma. or to learn more about the Roses on the database and history visit Artist

Please a plea from Norma all those that have had a pattern,please make and send your bonnet!

The Bonnet Display

Norma Bean had given her partner and daughter instructions and a diagram of where all the items were to be displayed to aid her talk. It was very impressive to read some of the stories and the names of the women who had been sent to Australia. The display had even more meaning when Norma gave her talk. The bonnets and their historical references were chilling at times as Norma recalled some of the aspects of the women's lives.
If you would like to learn more about the history and theproject vision visit
A plea from Norma Bean, would all those that have had a pattern please make and send your bonnet!

Roses From The Heart

Last night I attended our local branch of The Embroiderers Guild and Norma Bean came to tell us the significance of the bonnets and their story.
Some might have seen them on display at The Festival of Quilts or heard about
'the making of a bonnet.'
For more of the history and artist project visit,
A plea from Norma Bean, for all those who have had a pattern,please make and send your bonnet.