Sunday, 31 July 2011

Red and Blue Embellished Cards

After Judith left I started beading and embroidering
my felted and embellished cards.
I love this combination of the rich reds and blues.
The flower type one in the middle reminds me of
a textile artist's work by another Judith who makes
"Heart Felt Wishes",
It was not intentional but it obviously came out with the
made felt design.
See Judith's blog at

Studio Day with Judith

On Friday Judith came along to Quilters Cottage for
a Studio Day,
to finish her large double quilt.
The corners had to inset and the borders were
put on.
She also learnt how to use her new sewing machine.
Very nice one too!
She wanted advice on how to quilt a baby quilt
that she is making for her Niece in Spain.
So learnt how to do free machine quilting.
I think she will be straight stitching this quilt this time
and then practicing some more.
I tell everyone it takes practice.
We don't just get in a car and start driving it.
We have lessons and practice.
Skills of any description take time and practice!
We had a lovely day but sadly it was a little
to cold to sit on the veranda and have lunch.
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Christmas Quilt

I know it's early but I have to start
Christmas Quilting now otherwise I
never have enough time to get a decent amount
of items together to do the shows I am invited to.
I finished quilting and put the bias binding on it,
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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sail Boats in Knit Wits Window

Every two weeks the window display in Knit Wits
gets a complete revamp and new ideas and purchases
are put in the window.
This next weeks theme is Nautical and all things Seaside.
So as you can see my Sailboats quilt is in the window,
advertising the new fabric department and the
quilting lessons that start in September.
I will be doing two days in August in the shop.
The 4th and 11th to meet people and demonstrate
my work.
OOOh how lovely to be surrounded by all that
Visit Knit Wits
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Card Making Wednesday

On Wednesday it was card making class with Kim.
We were given the choice of a quote
and had to make a card from that as our starting point.
This quote resinated with me from my
creative point of view.
The butterfly has been stamped on vellum and
the bottom picture is inside the card flap.
I have also put a detail on the back and signed it.
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Wool Batts have arrived

When I got home from teaching @The Gallery,
my neighbour came round and handed me a parcel.
I was so pleased, as it was the Wool Batts I had ordered from
World of Wool late Friday afternoon.
They are so beautiful and ready to use for felting.
You can also get synthetic wools for using on the embellisher.
This stash is for my wet felting demo at the weekend.
I would recommend World of Wool for their service
and prices.

Barbara and Crazy Patchwork

Barbara was inspired by a crazy patchwork quilt she saw in
a book and wanted to make it in a heart shape
for a gift for her Aunt and Uncle's 60th
wedding Anniversary.
I took in my crazy patchwork throw for
stitch and beading inspiration.
Books are great and a fantastic starting point
but if you have the article in front of you to
see and handle it makes creating far easier.
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Ruth Raes Books

Jeanette is working on her mixed media leaves wall hanging
and had brought this book in for us to look at.
jeanette is looking for inspiration for her next textile piece.
We all had a look and I enjoy going on Ruth's website.
Visit her site for inspiration

Gallery Tuesday 27th July 2011

part of Textile Tuesday @ The Gallery is finishing work and
sharing the achievement.
Brenda can only do her textile work @ The Gallery
due to her busy life schedule.
As some of you may know she has finished many articles
which have been very beautiful and
this week she finished a Knitting Needle Case Roll and
a Needle Case to match in strip patchwork.
As they are a gift she made them in all shades of purple,
her friends favourite colour.
She gave her Grand Daughter her Pink Crazy Patchwork
cushion at the weekend as it was her Birthday and she was
thrilled. Brenda is now making her daughter a cushion
in browns. This is the start and the embellishments
are to be added.
Well done Brenda. It is so good to be able to share
our creations.
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labels below.

Birthday Girl

we are so lucky as friends when we meet up once a month for
Coven Quilters as we are able to celebrate a birthday!
This month it was Joan's.
Kate makes such beautiful cakes!
this was a raspberry and cream one and there
was a coffee and nut one and a cherry loaf as well!
Blessing for friendship!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

More Quilts for Chernobyl

Barbara and Liz had kindly made and donated these quilts
for The Lifeline 4 Chernobyl Charity.
As you may know Weeting Quilters have collected over
100 quilts from quilters all over Norfolk and Suffolk.
These quilts will be going out to Belarus in September.
Thank you to everyone for your help.
Visit Weeting Quilters at their new blog at

Black and Cream Quilt

Joan had also finished her Black and Cream Quilt with
the Red and Cream Back.
The printed pictures are of Quilts throughout the
year that Joan had brought on her trip
to America twenty years ago and finally
see knew what to do with them. It's funny
how some fabrics we buy and stroke for years
knowing that one day you will know what to do with
it. It is a beautiful quilt.
It has been professionally quilted with a
jigsaw pattern all over it.
See more quilts on my website

Joan's Wedding Quilt

Joan has finished Jane and David's Wedding Celebration
Quilt. She had it professionally quilted and was putting on
the bias binding at our Coven Quilters evening.
You can see the quilted dragonfly on the picture above.
Why a dragonfly?
A dragonfly landed on Jane's shoulder while they were
taking the wedding photographs.
So what a lovely addition!
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label below.

Kates Folded Bag

Monday afternoon I wrapped up Kate's Bag and a little book.
As a Birthday Gift, I know she loves these colours!
It was well received in the evening and everyone wanted to know
how it was made.
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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Colour Fusion Felt

This piece of felt measuring 1.5 is the most colourful
I have every made.
It is a mixture of fleece, silk and Alpaca yarns
and some man made fibres.
This is going to be fun to stitch and
Click on the photo to see more detail.
See an amazing felt exhibition video on
my art tech site.

Alpaca Wool in Felting

This piece on felt is made nearly completely of
Alpaca Hair. It is on a background base of
Suffolk wool fleece and pale Alpaca.
The decoration is dark Alpaca rope twists
and Alpaca knitting yarn.
This piece is 1 metre in length.

Blue Felted Pieces

On Friday it was another studio day.
I feel lucky this week to have two studio days in a row.
I decided to use indigo blue as my background and used
some commercial wools as added decoration.
I used various felting and media techniques on each one.
These are now ready for the embroidery and

Small White Mixed Media Piece

This is one of the small mixed media felted pieces
with some of my made paper included.
See an amazing felt exhibition video on my tech site

White Mixed Media Felted Fleece

On Thursday I had a studio Felt Making.
As some of you know I have been processing
the Fleeces from Little Abbey Farm and The Alpaca Barn.
Thursday I got the chance to make them into felt.
What seemed hours of carding, enough to do some really
large pieces 1.5 metres long and
a few small ones here is the result.
The picture at the very top is of the
dry mixed media felt and the bottom is when it is wet
and in the middle of the felting process.
It was lovely being hands on.
Pulling, rubbing rolling and rinsing.
I used lavender soap from
Norfolk Lavender this time for felt making,
so it helped with the relaxing process.
I made the felt on the veranda of my studio,
so it was lovely seeing and enjoying the
garden and bird visitors.
I was tired at the end of the day.
The pieces are now ready for machine and
hand embroidery.
See an amazing felt exhibition video
on my tech site

Alveva Garden Party 2011

Wednesday Evening was Alveva Garden Party.
The summer meeting took place in Swaffham in the garden
of Sue and Pete.
We were so lucky all evening as the sun came out
after days of rain and we all had a lovely evening.
Pete was our guest judge,
( Sue and Pete do our newsletter).
The Summer Challenge was,' An article made with
folded patchwork'.
TC won again! she couldn't believe it.
Sue won members choice!
We had show and tell including
new photos of grandchildren, ahh!
Yvonne showed us her latest wallhanging.
See her website at
We ate and drank and toured the garden.
We all had a lovely evening,
Thank you Sue and Pete for your hospitality.
See more of Alveva Quilters by clicking
the labels below.

Card Making Wednesday

On Wednesday morning it was Card Making
@The Gallery with Kim.
She showed us how to do a watercolour technique with
Distress Inks and a water sprayer.
I used a cow parsley stamp to make a
Thank you card for Sue and Pete.
I decorated every surface of the card.
The front up the top.
The inside left, had the cow parsley flower on it's own.
Then the Thank you box on the next and then a label for the back.
Thank you again Kim, for a lovely morning.
I always learn so much and
have a lovely time being a student

Gallery Tuesday 19th July 2011

There was so much going on, on Tuesday @The Gallery
I only managed to take two photos!
One of Jeanette's backgrounds made on the embellisher
machine and Barbara's folded bag.
See more of what goes on @ The Gallery
by visiting

John and Paulene

This is John and Paulene Rotman who run the
Lifeline 4 Chernobyl Charity.
They work continually to bring awareness of the plight of the
people who are continually affected by the Chernobyl
Disaster 25 years after the event.
Thank you to them for bringing new friends indirectly together
and working tirelessly for this noble charity.

Special People

Thank you to Chris for carrying on Anne's Legacy to help
Lifeline 4 Chernobyl.
Thank you for David, Rob, Angela and Vicky,
for coming along and supporting the event.
A big, Thank you also to special people who gave up their time to
make the event possible.

Quilt Show Stands

At the Quilts for Chernobyl there were several stands.
From the top,
Linda Turner a local textile artist,
see her work at
also see Linda's write up on the day
and spot me buying threads!!!!!!!
( I had no idea the photo was being taken!
notice how much in thought I am,
as to which colours I will need!).
Diane and myself on a book stall.
All the books had been donated for the day by Joan
who you can see in the photo directly above
having a demonstration by Sandra Beech,
our local thread and fabric dyer.
The books were part of Joan's niece's collection who
also sadly lost her life to a brain tumour.
The money raised from selling the books,
was also helping the hospice who cared for her
and £9.50 went to the exhibition event.
Thank you Joan for this, as it added another
special help to our event and we were able to help
in a small way your hospice charity.
Ida was on the Bag Stall, well with all the bags she
has been making she felt quite happy to help.
Thank you to everyone for helping make the day
a happy one.
Visit Lifeline for Chernobyl