Saturday, 4 May 2013

Metal and Sequins

OO I just love this piece of sequinned trim and wanted to 
use it in my sketchbook so added the circle and scalloped metal
sample to it. It has given a great continuation and of course
sequins are foiled so continues the theme of my sketchbook.
See Sarah Lawrences book for more inspiration.
"Stitch, Cloth Shimmer and Shine"
See her blog HERE


  1. Hi Jane, did some and found that I have two ancestors who were from Norfolk, England. So, if you know any Drurys or Aldriches, they are my cousins. lol I like the sequins on your trimwork. Just the right thing for the right project. I am following in your footsteps. I am teaching design classes at my guild.

    1. Wow, have met some of Aldriches in my trips around Norfolk? So glad you are teaching you have such a talent for design it is great you can share.
      Best wishes,