Friday, 20 August 2010

Jenn's first Driving Lessons

This is the car on return after Jenn having her 2 hour
driving lesson.
All in one piece and she throughly enjoys driving!
I am so pleased as I love driving and it gets you places and
you have freedom, especially living so rurally as we do.
I sense a new car in the family, well a run around one anyway,
fit for a new lady driver!
Well done Jenn and Thank You Philip
for make her driving lessons good ones.


  1. Enjoyed seeing all the new posts. Glad that your daughter is happy with her driving. It is hard to get around without it. Your life is on track with all your projects. School is starting here and I miss seeing my granddaughter.

  2. I am a new crafter and new blogger ( searching the sites for inspiration. It is so lovely to hear personal stuff and see what lovely lives others have. So far have put nothing personal on mine as not sure how wise it is to do so (family, friends, might object to the invasion of their privacy).Thanks for allowing me into your life.

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