Saturday, 22 October 2011

Pat's New Work

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Pat is always working through new ideas and also keeps an
altered sketchbook. Here she is putting the
finishing touches to her bag.
Checking the handle length and width.
Her sewing machine decided it was going to stop dead!
This week, I think it was under protest because of the amount of
work she puts it through!
Only joking Pat!
Lucky enough it was a fuse so could be fixed quickly,
as Pat wants to continue with her Dove Cushion.
The Dove picture was scan transferred onto cotton lawn,
from a 1930's picture, using a computer printer.
We did this a couple of weeks ago on a demo
section of the sessions.
Pat has added appliqued lace and flowers cut out
from the 1930's silk fabric she is using for the
border and backing.
The fabric came to me in a bag of fabric scraps
which one of the students brought into class.
I recycle lots of fabrics, art materials and tools
to other students so they are able to try new
techniques or add to what they have to enhance
their projects.
Its fantastic to share and create this cycle of art
and re-creation.
See more work by clicking the written labels
or pictures below or visit
my portfolio on my website

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  1. Lots of busy hands with beautiful creations today. I love the dove fabric. Great idea. Don't think I would care for the robot movie, but my kids went to see it. You are one busy lady, Jane.