Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Embellished Flowers

In the afternoon I got to play with the papers
I had made in the morning.
I cut two lots of the postcard sized ones into 1cm
strips and then stuck them onto a piece of lace.
Then, it was lots of free motion machining.
I gathered it all up and then beaded!
I had a wonderful time!
I think it was also because it was a lovely
sunny afternoon and I was able to sit and stitch!
It also reminded me of being a child and
making paper flowers, sticking and stitching
anything together
for presents for my Mum.
I have made varying paper flowers over the years
using similar techniques.
More inspiration can be found with
work by a textile artist, Jill Flower,
You can visit her website at
You may also like these flowers with buttons as centres.
You can also do this technique with any colour paper and
ink stamp the edges, make a hole in the middle and put a
brad through it to hold the petals in place.
Scrunch and arrange as before.


  1. beautiful designs... keep it up :)

  2. Love the brooch- I've just done a workshop with Jill and made a brooch too. It's a great technique.

  3. Argh so beautiful, wonderful array of colours and media.

  4. These are so fabulous!
    Thanks, also, for becoming a follower of my blog.