Thursday, 3 March 2011

Gallery Day 1st of March 2011

Lots of Mixed Media going on at the Tuesday morning session
@ The Gallery Dereham.
These are three of Pat's mixed textile trees above.
She has one more to do and then it is working on
the background fabric to give it the same depth of colour and richness
but still leaving the variation, so the trees shine.
'Grounding' them, as a fellow textile artist called Judy.
(She explains this so well).
Visit her blog at
See more of what goes on at the gallery and more
throughout this site.


  1. Lovely trees. So envious of you getting to see the fibrefusion exhibition. I'm off to visit Sharon Osborne now to try that technique of painted crumbled brown paper, how delicious!

  2. Lovely ladies with lovely fabrics and having such a good time. I am jealous. Thanks for mentioning my blog. I enjoy seeing all your adventures, Jane.