Monday, 19 July 2010

Sewing a Marquee!

What will I need to sew on my trusty Bernina next?
Stewart and I were given a secondhand 30 foot Marquee last year
but it needed alot of TLC.
Today we got it out, cleared our patio area and began the puzzle
of not only putting it together but then had to make it into
a 24 foot one to fit the patio and use the good pieces,
(lots of the poles were bent and buckled).
It needed a lot of repairs and alterations,
hence my need to use the sewing machine.
It is now up and looks great, just in time for
the Alveva Quilter's Garden Party at ours on
Wednesday Evening.
Hope the sun shines!


  1. Gosh you are a resourceful person.Hope the garden party goes well.

  2. Oh yes, just whip up this little project on my Bernina. How in the world do you do it. I am impressed.

  3. It looked just great and fitted the area. I wondered where it had come from - I was impressed! Lovely evening and not a spot of rain.