Thursday, 9 June 2011

Little Abbey Farm

In my roll as a Norfolk Community Artist I was

called by Ben to come and visit

Little Abbey Farm at Pentney.

Ben and Dianne run a small mixed farm with

Bed and Breakfast.

Like a lot of different businesses they are looking to

extol their assets and best features.

Little Abbey Farm is a working Farm with a great

extended garden room, the light is wonderful.

I had a visit around the farm and it's inspiration.

The farm has great animals who are used to human contact.

Spike above was so lovely he let me stroke and rub his head,

and take his picture. He is an artist dream as he wasn't bothered at

all. I could have set up my easel and he wouldn't have

batted an eye!

The pigs were adorable with a little piglet squeaking around,

not bothered by us at all.

There was so much to inspire an artist with old milk churns

and farm machinery, horse drawn ploughs to an old

but huge combine harvester.

I would recommend it definitely for

Bed and Breakfasts, they have the Breakfast Award

and a Silver Award too!

Also a venue for future events like

Retreats for small groups to enjoy the

rural location and the first rate food.

I am looking into helping run a Quilting Retreat and

an Arts Weekend.

Visit their website


  1. What an interesting visit. I can imagine doing a retreat in this fabulous place. I have not been to a farm in a very long time.

  2. Oh how I envy you :). It sounds and looks like a Paradise to me. I think you are full of more creative ideas after the inspiring visit.

    Ms Sharma