Sunday, 31 July 2011

Studio Day with Judith

On Friday Judith came along to Quilters Cottage for
a Studio Day,
to finish her large double quilt.
The corners had to inset and the borders were
put on.
She also learnt how to use her new sewing machine.
Very nice one too!
She wanted advice on how to quilt a baby quilt
that she is making for her Niece in Spain.
So learnt how to do free machine quilting.
I think she will be straight stitching this quilt this time
and then practicing some more.
I tell everyone it takes practice.
We don't just get in a car and start driving it.
We have lessons and practice.
Skills of any description take time and practice!
We had a lovely day but sadly it was a little
to cold to sit on the veranda and have lunch.
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