Saturday, 23 July 2011

Quilt Show Stands

At the Quilts for Chernobyl there were several stands.
From the top,
Linda Turner a local textile artist,
see her work at
also see Linda's write up on the day
and spot me buying threads!!!!!!!
( I had no idea the photo was being taken!
notice how much in thought I am,
as to which colours I will need!).
Diane and myself on a book stall.
All the books had been donated for the day by Joan
who you can see in the photo directly above
having a demonstration by Sandra Beech,
our local thread and fabric dyer.
The books were part of Joan's niece's collection who
also sadly lost her life to a brain tumour.
The money raised from selling the books,
was also helping the hospice who cared for her
and £9.50 went to the exhibition event.
Thank you Joan for this, as it added another
special help to our event and we were able to help
in a small way your hospice charity.
Ida was on the Bag Stall, well with all the bags she
has been making she felt quite happy to help.
Thank you to everyone for helping make the day
a happy one.
Visit Lifeline for Chernobyl

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