Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Alveva Quilters Meeting

On Wednesday the 15th of February Alveva Quilters had their first
evening meeting for 2012. We have held Coffee Mornings
and Work Days during the day since December
because of the Winter Weather.
These meetings have been really lovely for members to get together
and share making and skills.
The evening was based on all the news, 'Show and Tell' from members
and the topic,
"What or What Inspires You?".
Everyone joined in and there was a real variety of ideas
and items.
My favourites were the quilts and an art book,
Carol shared with us written by
John Clare and Carry Akroyd.
It is all based on landscapes and animals.
I was so inspired I ordered it from Amazon.
See more of our meetings by clicking the labels below.

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