Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Textile in Focus 2012

On Friday 17th February I took myself off to
the 'Textile In Focus' Exhibition at Cottenham College
near Cambridge.
I can't show any photos as Photography wasn't allowed.
This was disappointing as we all love to share events and
celebrate what inspires us.
I always ask before I take photos no matter where I am
and when I did at the show some of the artists
said they didn't want their work put on the internet
or for people to copy.
Which is fair enough but I am still on the side of sharing!
There is enough art and ideas in the world to exchange!
and everyone does their work in an individual way.
Not everyone uses the same techniques
and their outcomes may resemble but will never be identical.
You may learn by coping but it is that, a copy and if your work is to
stand alone and inspire it will show it's soul by the hard work
you put in to develop the ideas and make it your own.
I do ask the question out there to you,
"Why Exhibit if you don't want to show anyone?"
Visit the Textile in Focus website


  1. Hmmm, exactly. I'd love you to have been able to share, specially as you'd supported them all with your lovely purchaces! Oh well.

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