Thursday, 20 May 2010

Alveva Quilters

We were so lucky last night to have Sue Cranwell as a speaker.
After the business of the evening and a show and tell
where Meg showed us some new fusables,
Liz showed us an Antique Welsh Quilt
and a small one she had finished and hand quilted herself.
Jenny had just managed to sell her buisness.
Linda had rushed in the door because she had just finished a two
day course with Jan Beeney,
Linda then showed us her landscape!
I showed the group my Metal Mystic wallhangings.
Aswell as a Round Robin being swapped,
Two quilts being assembled and a book sale.
WOW! what a mixed group.
Sue talked about her family background in textiles and how she had arrived at where she is now with all the twists and turns in life
and how tragic events spark you off in different directions.
Her work is inspirational and so interesting
to hear the ideas and concepts behind what she had brought to show us.
We had a lovely evening.
See Sue's work and that of the group she belongs to at

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  1. It was a good evening and you are right - so varied. I wonder how many other group meetings are quite so diverse!