Friday, 14 May 2010

Freespirit 2

This one happened after I nipped into town to go to the market
to get some salad for the weekend.
I just love 'blues' as some of you know and
I do have alot of blue dye mixed.
I just loved using my handmade stamps to print with
and rubbed some texture in with oil bars.
This background fabric is now ready to be sandwhiched and heavily quilted.
See some more of my wallhangings on my website


  1. What do you mean 'this one happened'? They don't 'happen'! How big is it and what have you done to it?? I want some more info!!

  2. this looks amazing looking forward to seeing how it progresses......and thanks for the support for Jim ....x

  3. Honestly it does just happen. This one happened before I saw you in town! Didn't you see the blue hands!
    best wishes,
    jane C