Saturday, 2 July 2011

Alpaca Farm Visit

After card class on Wednesday I went off to
Nikki's Alpaca Farm at
near Shipdam.
Nikki took me round the farm and introduced me to
many of the different Alpacas and a few Llamas.
We stood in one field and she called them in!!!
90 Alpacas and several Llamas came running towards
us at great speed!
As they got closer the brave ones in this case a little
brown female called 'Suki', stopped for a close up,
right next to the lens and then blew warm air in my ear!
Their version of a kiss.
She then needed to be fussed constantly on her neck
and followed us around.
Nikki is amazing with them.
Their eyes are so beautiful and gentle.
It was a lovely experience.
I was visiting because I am participating in
the Craft demonstrations using the Alpaca Wool.
I am Embellishing and visitors can have a go too.
The Open day is the 30th of July 2011.
11am until 4.30pm.
Visit the website for more information about
Alpacas and the events.
Visit the farms website for more information

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  1. Can anything be as cute and cuddley as these Alpacas? I would think you could take at least one home with you. I imagine that the wool is superior to sheep.