Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Kimono Wallhanging

So, here is the front of the Kimono.

(sorry about the light glare, I am still getting used to my iphone).

The Kimono needs the adjusting when the back goes on but I feel it's

coming on o.k.

I will post more as I go.

Talking about technology, yes, I did get a new computer and phone but

the new technology and a system that

I didn't have any understanding of did drive me into

a 'Technology Hole", as I am calling it.

I could only do so much each day to learn and do the basics with all the

orders that were coming and began to hate technology.

This eases, so if anyone is about to get a new computer,

give it time to sink in.

Be gentle with yourself!

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  1. this looks lovely .....what size is it ?.......x

  2. It could possible be worn! but it's a wallhanging. It measures 1.7m from collar to base.