Sunday, 4 March 2012

Patchwork Floor Cushion

Mandy finished the patchwork floor cushion
she has been making for her son.
The fabric is mainly upholstery type for sturdiness.
Each square has then been shadow quilted
and looks really effective.
Mandy also made a liner for the small polystyrene
beads to go inside and as we know, they go everywhere!
It took three people to stuff it so they didn't escape.
we had discussions on where to put the zip,
whether on the bottom side or on the bottom in
the middle. If you put it on the side it
has less chance of opening and doesn't scratch a
wooden floor!
Mandy's son is very lucky.
Well done Mandy!


  1. Wow love this and the colours.

  2. It really is a beautiful cushion. But I don't think I am up to the job of stuffing.