Saturday, 25 August 2012

Welcome to my studio

I must admit I crammed a lot of colour in the studio this year!
The studio is not normally as full as this but for Open Studios I dress it in Quilts and Textiles and because it is a working studio all my work areas have the materials and tools ready to demonstrate techniques. Each day I demonstrate a different technique and I have cards detailing how to do it. These are available to buy. I have a list for those who want classes in my studio and in other venues so visitors can sign up to them if they wish. Also on exhibit were the City and Guilds Stitchbooks, a wonderful addition. I Open my studio to students from the end of July. They are day sessions and you can specialise in the techniques you wish to learn or have a taster day of several. See more of my studio,cottage and garden by visiting my website

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  1. Very impressive. So much finished work to display. Wow.