Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Journal page 2011

So first page of my new made journal all about Goal setting and
how to maintain your ideas and enthusiasm!
I loved putting the pages together and creating out of a pile of old
magazines! I mean old, some were from the 80's and older.
I don't buy many magazines these days.
I grabbed a pile from the studio over Christmas to go through,
a real mis mash of gardening, craft and fashion,
many I had been given.
I flicked through pulling out the odd thing that was of
interest and left it all in a pile.
You know,one of those piles you get round to and it
gets bigger if you don't do something about it!
Now normally they would have gone straight into recycling
but with going away and flu they stayed in their box ready!
I must have known I would be needing them.
So on Tuesday I sat down and creatively went wild!
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  1. fantastic colours and textures a really warming post .......x

  2. Sorry you have been down with the flu. Your journal is so creative. I am working on fabric journals. I was surprised at how labor intensive they are. Good luck for the New Year.