Friday, 18 January 2013

Wall Bag

I have been finishing off a bag that was made from a kit by 'Batik n Beads'. It hangs on the wall and is very ethnic in inspiration. The bag is a slashed fabric technique, Mock Chenille as we call it. Several layers of fabric are put together and stitched a quarter of an inch apart and then this is cut in between the stitch lines so that the base layer is revealed. You have to be very careful not to cut through to the base layer.
I used an Olfa Chenille Cutter and wrote a review article for a So Crafty magazine. Read the article and buy your own cutter HERE.

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The square is then hemmed with bias binding and folded together to form a bag. Beads and embellishments are then stitched to the bottom corners and a loop hanging for the top.
Visit Batik n Beads HERE

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  1. Good to have you back in blogland. I have made some of the fabric and it is really a lot of work. My arthritic hands can't do it anymore. Your bag is beautiful. I love the color.