Thursday, 1 December 2011

My talk to The Hackers Tackers and Stuffers Quilt and Needlework Group

There was no Gallery and Textile Day on Tuesday the
22nd of November as I took my Mum to have both eyes lazered.
Mum's ok but it does take it out of you having an op,
especially on your eyes.
We had spent all weekend together as Stewart
and I had re decorated Mum's Kitchen and it had taken
her mind of it but now she could recover with a
lovely new kitchen.
In the evening I gave a talk to
Hackers Tackers and Stuffers over at Watton.
A lovely group and very active in creating.
I shared my 180 quilts with the ladies.
I start with a hexagon quilt that I made when Stewart and I
first got married, above and
then I show different quilts, hangings and items over
the last 24 years.
It was a lovely evening and see the groups
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