Thursday, 1 December 2011

Irene Starts a Christmas Runner

Irene came for an afternoon session at Knit Wits.
She wanted to make a Striped Christmas Runner
using my white and gold one as inspiration,
(see another students one, similar to mine).
Irene wants hers large enough for a Refectory Table.
She had collected all the ribbons and some fabrics.
After laying the ribbons down on a calico base it
was obvious it needed a lift and
Irene got out of her bag of fabric there was some Angel Fabric.
We all thought it was fabric to look at rather
than cut up but it was perfect as the patterns
were in strips.
It looks so Medieval and so fabulous.
Well done! Irene.
I was so lucky as Irene gave me her scraps of the
Angels and some brocade ribbon.
I knew where it would be placed,
on my Architecture Artwork.
Thank you.

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