Saturday, 8 October 2011

Alveva Quilters Show and Tell September 2011

We met for Alveva Quilters a week later than normal
because of our Speaker for the month.
There were lots of show and tell,
the top was Liz's Round Robin that she had completed with
Castle Quilters. I love blues and the square and triangles.
Sue has had to put quilting on the back burner for the
last year due to shoulder, neck and back pain.
She has had to have several ops and constant
physio so it was lovely to see all her
Sow and Tells she had made over the Summer.
From the Wall Hanging she won,
Members Choice at The Garden Party
and a Heart Quilt.
She had lovely stories to share with
her crochet and her knitting for the babies
in the family.
The meeting was a lovely catch up aswell as
meeting new quilters.
To see the Garden Party and other Alveva Meetings
click on the written labels below.

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